Want your dog to consistently perform at its best?

B STRONG K9 FITNESS Coaching for your Dog


Do you want your dog to be...

  • healthy and active?
  • happy and engaged?
  • Athletic and focused?
  • Competitive/driven to do it's best? 

Would you like the ability to...

  • Compete and be successful in various sports?
  • Improve your dog's strength and endurance?
  • Increase your dog's fitness while avoid injuries?
  • Keep your dog active for many years?

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Special Considerations for Senior Dogs

Research shows that even seniors can greatly benefit from exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle.  A carefully designed exercise program improves balance, coordination, endurance, will help to lose extra weight and increase mental stimulation.  You CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

See Testimonials below


11 yr old female Akita- Weakness in hind limbs, recurrent toenail dragging. 

"I saw a significant improvement in less than 2 weeks.  And she loves her cavelleti, no more toenail dragging." S.M.



14 yr old Male Border Collie- retired detection dog. Arthritis in lower back, poor balance.

"He is really strong on his walks, and when he does his exercises. He has done some crazy puppy zoomies, but his exercise plan is keeping him in one piece!" D.W.

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